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Marlon Anastacio


who am I?
My name is Marlon Anastacio
What is my job?
Specialty coffee roaster

What are years of experience in roasting, and why do you do this job?
I start roasting in the year 2006 and stop of the year 2008 because I need to focus on research and development of coffee in the years 2017, I am continuous the job of the coffee roaster. I choose this job because I want to learn more and to understand how and what is the best roast into coffee beans..    
How do you choose a good coffee?
Need to know the details of green beans coffee you must have good quality before it will roast. 
What are your future goals in the roasting profession?
In the profession on a roaster, the goal is to roast the best coffee but not only goals I am focusing on this profession I continuous learning. 


What is your message to readers?

Keep drinking coffee 😁😁

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