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Colombian Beans - Decaf

Colombian Beans - Decaf

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Origin: Colombia decaffeinated

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Swiss water

Altitudes: 1800 - 2110 MASL

Notes: Walnut, chestnuts, chocolate And caramel finish

If you prefer to enjoy a cup of coffee without fear of supporting the side effects of caffeine, you should have the Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee at home to make your sweet, rich, and oh-so-smooth low-acid cup of coffee whenever you feel you need it. This coffee will let you feel super motivated when you feel that you are the laziest person ever.

Coffees decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process are different in that the technology does not use any kind of chemical agent to extract caffeine from the beans. The decaffeination process relies on osmosis and solubility characteristics of coffee beans.

If you are looking to enjoy a cup of the finest coffee in the world, look no further than Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee, you will love the experience of drinking coffee without caffeine.

To help you choose between filter or espresso coffee, let’s know the difference in a simple way: If you like your coffee to be bold and to have a concentrated flavor, you are more likely to prefer espresso coffee, but if you like your coffee to be easier to drink, so filter coffee will be your choice!

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