Bianca - PL162T
Bianca - PL162T
Bianca - PL162T

Bianca - PL162T

12,760.00 QAR

Bianca is an espresso machine without compromises, with E61 group, manual control of the water flow and dual boiler. It has been created for those expert baristas that know how to get the best out of every coffee.

The Lelit Bianca is the ultimate machine for any home barista. Lelit has added everything that you could possibly want in a home espresso machine – it has all the bells and whistles. PLUS, it has given the user the ability to control the brewing pressure profile. This is the ultimate home espresso machine – a full sized professional E61 group, a 1.6 quart stainless steel steam boiler and 0.85 quart stainless steel brew boiler, dual loop PID temperature control, a movable and removable water tank holding 2.7 quarts or switchable to direct plumb, a one of a kind paddle system atop the group for controlling water flow (or pressure seen by the coffee grounds), and a super quiet rotary pump. And it looks especially attractive with walnut knobs, portafilter handle, paddle, and feet.

E61 Grouphead

The E61 grouphead ensures consistent water stability. Hot water circulates from the boiler through the grouphead and back. Thi results in the grouphead and the portafilter staying hot.   A lever next to the grouphead easily activates the pump to draw water through the coffee grinds. Bianca does not feature the mechanical preinfusion present in the traditional E61 group. This is achieved thanks to the use of the Lelit Control Center (LCC) and of the paddle, programming the times “pump on” and “pump off” and obtaining this way a constant preinfusion, for a much longer time.

Energy saving

Lelit Bianca is equipped with a sophisticated energy saving system that allows programming the stand-by time, after which the steam boiler is disabled. The coffee boiler maintains a temperature of 158° F and the efficiency of the warming cup surface is kept at 80%. The machine returns in the full energy mode in just 10 minutes, granting a significant energy saving.

Dual Pressure Guages

showing steam (0-4 bar) and brew pressure (0-16 bar)


from Gicar, programmed for preinfusion, standby, steam on/off, proper dual loop PID, shot timer and other functions.

Super Quiet Rotary Pump


for real time control of flow/pressure within the E61 group. Rotating it, you gradually vary the water flow inside the group until the highest pressure is reached. This way you can manually control every single phase of the coffee extraction to obtain the best possible result in the cup with every type of coffee blend.

Double boiler

Two separate boilers, one for steam and hot water delivery and one for the coffee extraction.

Pressure guage

on group front port for accurate measurement of pressure seen by coffee puck, this enables (in fact is essential) good control of pressure on coffee when using a flow control system.

Seperate Water Tank

attached to either side, or rear, or completely removable for plumbed operation. Great for difficult locations and the added benefit of the water keeping much cooler than machines with an integrated tank. The tank has little counters for the number of times you have filled it since you changed the filter

Steam and Water wands

The wands are all cool touch, to avoid any burn and have a new geometry to facilitate cleaning, avoid the limestone formation and allow a more satisfying use experience.

Stainless steel case

the body and the water tray are made of polished AISI 304 stainless steel to provide an unlimited lifetime, a superior aesthetic look and an easy cleaning.

Walnut accents

steam knobs, portafilter handle, paddle and E61 group lever are made of walnut. The machine feet are made of the same wood and are adjustable in height. This allows a great stability on any surface and, in case of direct plumbing, allows the machine inclination to facilitate the water drain

Unique portafilter spout design

Lelit call it a “Coffee Slide”. It has a spout that gently accompanies the coffee into the cup and actively helps the cream creation of the espresso. Progressive inclination, spout size and open surfaces are masterfully calibrated to get the best possible result


Complete portafilter with 1 shot and 2 shots filters, bottomless portafilter with 18/20 g filter, blind filter, 70 L water softener, Lelit stainless steel tamper with aluminum handle, group cleaning brush, microfiber cloth, optional steam wand nozzle, accessories for direct water plumbing, espresso cup rack and coffee measuring spoon.