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Brazil Coffee Capsule

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Origin: Brazil
Name: Brazil Santa Serra Natural 16+
Region: Minas De Mantiquera
Process: Natural

Variety: Yellow Catuai, Yellow bourbon
Elevation: 900-1500 MASL
Sweet Full Bodied, Almond, Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Sugar Cane, Guava,Cacao

About Brazil Santa Serra Natural
Situated on the Minas Geraisside of the Serra da Mantiqueira (southern Minas Gerais), is the region of Mantiqueirade Minas. Mantiqueirade Minas is today the most awarded growing region in Brazil with a highly decorated history in Brazil’s Cup of Excellence. In 2011, Mantiqueirawas recognized with official ‘Geographic Indication’ by the BSCA and its reputation continues to gain recognition as one of the world’s finest producing regions.

Packaging: Box, paper Bag,Paper Cup*
Quantity: 6 Pcs*

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