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Columbian - Decaffeinated Coffee Capsule

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Origin: Columbia Decaffeinated
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Swiss Water
Altitudes: 1800 - 2110 MASL
Notes: Walnut, Chestnuts, Chocolate
            And Caramel Finish

About Colombia Supremo Swiss Water Process Decaf
Do you ever want a cup of tasty coffee and without any reactions from having too much caffeine? Swiss Water Process is your answer to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee and at the same time no need to worry about taking in too much caffeine. Coffees decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process are different in that the technology does not use any kind of chemical agent to extract caffeine from the beans. The decaffeination process relies on osmosis and solubility characteristics of coffee beans.
First, they created a liquid called Green Coffee Extract. This was created by soaking a batch of green coffee beans in a tank of hot water. The water takes out caffeine molecules, but also good flavour oils and other soluble components. A carbon filter then filters this water. Due to the porosity of the filter, it only traps caffeine molecules. The result of this is a flavourful and caffeine-free liquid, super-saturated with coffee solubles on one side, and flavourless, caffeine-free green coffee beans on the other side. This batch of beans is useless and is discarded. What remains is the Green Coffee Extract (GCE). With this extract, the real decaffeination can begin!
Next, a fresh batch of green coffee beans is soaked in this GCE. Because it is already completely saturated with coffee solubles (flavour molecules and oils), the GCE does not extract any flavour from the new batch of beans. It will only remove the caffeine molecules. The GCE now contains the caffeine from the beans. The carbon filters in the system trap and retain the caffeine molecules in the liquid. The GCE gets refreshed and is now free from caffeine as well. It flows back into the batch of coffee to extract more caffeine. This GCE flows continuously until the beans are 99.9% caffeine-free. The entire process takes 8 tot 10 hours
This coffee has a full body profile and tastes like walnut, biscuits, chocolate, nutty and chestnuts

Packaging: Box, paper Bag,Paper Cup*
Quantity: 6 Pcs*

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