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Grinder S-Manuale 64

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Because freshly ground coffee is one of the secrets of making good quality coffee drinks, we brought this grinder to help you make better coffee.

If you already have a coffee machine, your most needed machine is a grinder to make fresh coffee grounds. It has to be used for whole, unground, roasted, cleaned coffee beans only.

Grinder S-Manuale 64 is a manual grinder

How to operate:

Attach the bean hopper and fasten the safety screw included with delivery.

Fill the bean hopper with your coffee beans

Plug the electrical cord into an outlet and switch the grinder on.

The grinder is now operational.

You can adjust the coffee grind using the grind level adjuster :

-too coarse, turn the grind level adjuster clockwise (numbers on the scale are getting smaller).

- too fine, turn the grind level adjuster counter-clockwise (numbers on the scale are getting larger).

Grinding starts when pressing on the grinding button using the portafilter. If you prefer your grinder to be automatic, we invite you the take a look at Mühle S-Automatik 64 Timer! Make more fresh coffee cups with Empire!

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