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Long Shape Knock Box

Machines | In stock
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 You can use this silicone knock box every day to store your used coffee grounds. The bar helps you to remove the coffee grounds from the portafilter, you only have to knock the filter on the top of this tool and all the grounds will rapidly fall into the box!

This is a long knock box to help you store even more of used coffee grounds, it is great for families that make coffee several times during the day, for offices, and for coffee shops, to avoid the hassle of removing the coffee grounds and cleaning the portafilter after every use.

If you prefer your knock box to be smaller, you can check out this knock box for espresso machines. You can store used coffee grounds until the knock box is full, after that, you can clean the box easily and use it again.

Material: silicone

Capacity : 800mm

Color: Black

Shape: Long

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