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with love from the Empire Coffee's team

The process for the espresso in Home

PROCEDURE Beans ; 20 grams Ratio 1 : 2Water Temperature = 90°F to 95°F Step 1 Turn on your coffee machine and warm it up. Step 2 Know what coffee origin u are using and its roasting date Step 3Set the temperature of your machine (90-95°f) Step 4 Set the beans...

How To Make Frenchpress

PROCEDURE Beans ; 20 grams Ratio 1 ; 10Water Temperature = 92°C to 93°CSTEP 1Place the pot on a flat surface with your mug/cup , clean it with hot water ( pre-wet the Items). STEP 2 Grind your coffee beans (medium course). STEP 3Add the grinded coffee powder into the...

How To Make Aeropress

PROCEDURE Beans ; 14-18 grams Ratio 1 ; 10Water Temperature = 92°C to 93°CStep 1Grind size you can use the medium, medium fine or fine grind. The finer grind size the quicker will coffee to extract, a finer grind size bring juicier and fruitier Step 2Filter you can use metal or...