Empire Club, Your Passport to Coffee Perks

Dive into a world of rich rewards with Empire Club. As a member, earn points to trade for benefits and perks.

Your journey starts with a 7% discount using the code CLUB on all our coffee products - international and Qatari blends, Nespresso-compatible capsules, drip bags, Arabic and Turkish coffee bags, and cold brew bags.

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Earn More with Every Coffee

In the Empire Club, each cup of coffee comes with a side of reward points. Every Qatari Riyal spent on our delicious range of coffee products gives you 5 points, whether you're shopping online or visiting our cozy stores.

But that's not all. Connect with us on Instagram and earn an extra 100 points. Celebrate your birthday with us and we'll gift you 2000 points as a birthday treat.

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Perks that Brew as You Do

At Empire Club, your earned points translate into exclusive benefits, redeemable both online or visiting us in person.

Here's the brew-tiful perks you can unlock:

  • 500 points: Enjoy a 10 QR discount on your next order.
  • 1,000 points: Get a 10% OFF discount on your next purchase.
  • 1,250 points: Secure a 20 QR discount for your upcoming order.
  • 1,500 points: Relish FREE shipping on your next delivery!
  • 5,000 points: Avail a 50 QR discount on your next order.
  • 10,000 points: Claim a whopping 100 QR discount for your next order.

Your next perk is just a cup away!

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Share the Love, Reap the Rewards

At Empire Club, your love for coffee becomes even more rewarding when shared. Refer a friend to the Empire Club using the easy-to-share link we provide, and enjoy a 20 QR discount on your next order once they sign up.

But the perks aren't just for you. Your friend also gets a warm welcome with a 20% OFF coupon on their first order after joining.

Share the Empire Club experience, and enjoy the rewards together! Because coffee tastes better when shared.

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Your VIP Coffee Journey

Joining Empire Club is the start of an exciting journey, one that allows you to climb the ranks of coffee knowledge.

  • Coffee Enthusiast: Every new member starts here, enjoying a 7% OFF discount on all coffee products using the code CLUB.
  • Coffee Lover: Collect 5000 points or more and ascend to this level, where you receive exclusive discounts sent straight to your email.
  • Coffee Connoisseur: With 10,000 points or more, you attain the pinnacle of our club. Here, you receive not only exclusive discounts but also early access to new products. You become a trendsetter in the world of coffee.

Start your journey and ascend the ladder of coffee excellence at Empire Club!

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  • "Living the Coffee VIP Life"

    "As a Coffee Connoisseur in the Empire Club, I get early access to their new products. Plus, the exclusive discounts make me feel valued. It's truly a VIP experience!"

    Fatima A.

  • "My Coffee Rewards Journey"

    "Joining the Empire Club has been a rewarding experience. Every purchase adds up to some truly fantastic benefits. I just traded my points for a hefty discount on my favorite Arabic blend. Worth every sip!"

    Abdulla A.

  • "Perks Here, There, and Everywhere!"

    "Love how I can earn and redeem points both online and in-store. I referred a friend and got a discount right away. Plus, I can use my points in their physical store too. So convenient!"

    Mohammed B.

Start Your Rewarding Journey Today!

Step into the world of Empire Club, where every sip of coffee is a step towards fantastic rewards. Enjoy discounts, exclusive access, VIP perks, and turn your love for coffee into points of joy. Don't wait for perks to brew elsewhere, join today and we'll kickstart your journey with your first 50 points.

Here, good coffee and good times never wait. So why should you?

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