"Empire" Coffee began as an idea in 2016, when the world of specialty coffee has not been sweeping the Qatari markets yet, but in 2017, it began to become a reality on earth.

The journey began by choosing a suitable name that reflects the identity that we want to deliver to our customers, and the search for the roots and beginnings of coffee was the basis of our desire, this was because we were among the first who put the idea of specialty coffee in the State of Qatar. Perhaps we were influenced by the “Ottoman Empire” and its relationship with coffee, which inspired us to come up with the name of “Empire” coffee.

In mid of 2017, we faced many obstacles, as we were importing coffee from other countries, until we reached a full contentment in establishing a roaster for “Empire” coffee, in our endeavor to create a unique experience for our customers.

We always work to satisfy our customers in the first place, to draw a smile on their faces, and to make the "Empire" coffee the place of comfort and unique experience for our visitors. In order to become a shining star in the sky of the State of Qatar, we strive to prove to our customers that we are always the best.