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Columbian Bean

roasted coffee | Out of stock
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Origin: Columbia Fredonia Excelso 
Region: Antioquia
Varietal: Castillio
Process: Washed
Altitudes: 1800 - 2110 MASL
Notes: Brown Sugar , Plum in Aroma 
Green Apple Acidity ,Sweet Chocolate Finish 

About Colombia Huila Edgard Ramirez Washed Castillo
Edgard Ramirez and his wife Fanny work at the farm La Argentina and also at his purchase point where they collect coffees from different farmers to sell and have a big family with 13 kids , the oldest one is only 24 years old. Coffee is 100% hand picked, pulpled with a classic pulper. Grown in the Huila region which is one of the most well-known coffee growing areas of Colombia. The Department of Huila is situated for the most part in the Colombian Massif, harbouring Colombia’s second highest peak, the Nevado Del Huila Volcano. Indeed, the volcanic soil is hard to avoid in these parts of the Andes, which makes it fertile ground in which to grow coffee. Also contributing to the fertile soil is the Magdalena River, Colombia’s largest stream. Due to the weather, coffee production and harvest occur for most of the year, allowing imports of fresh coffee almost constantly. Ironically, the ideal growing conditions in the region, the high rainfall and humidity, makes it hard to dry and process coffee.

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