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Yemen Beans

Yemen Beans

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Origin: Yemen
Region: Hajjah
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1900 - 2400 MASL
Notes: Winey, hazelnut, Plum, and Chocolate finish

If you are interested (or maybe obsessed) with the coffee world, you will know how excellent is the reputation of Yemen coffee. The name mocha came from here!

These beans are brought to you from Yemen, where the Coffee is grown on terraces carved into Yemen's rugged terrain, coffee cherries are hand-picked on small family farms, and are dried on rooftops, revealing the coffee seeds within.

Coffee grown in Yemen has been cultivated in the same way for over 500 years, once you try it, you will appreciate its winey taste, with a hazelnut and chocolate finish.

To help you choose between filter or espresso coffee, let’s know the difference in a simple way: If you like your coffee to be bold and to have a concentrated flavor, you are more likely to prefer espresso coffee, but if you like your coffee to be easier to drink, so filter coffee will be your choice!

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