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Drip bags Columbian Decaf Bean

Drip bags | In stock
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While every second is precious when you are doing your morning routine during a weekday, you can make a speedy cup of coffee thanks to this great and easy way to create your daily dose of happiness.

Coffees decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process are different in that the technology does not use any kind of chemical agent to extract caffeine from the beans. The decaffeination process relies on osmosis and solubility characteristics of coffee beans.

If you are looking to enjoy a cup of the finest coffee in the world, look no further than these Columbian Decaffeinated Coffee Drip Bags, you will love the experience of drinking coffee without caffeine.

You will be able now to carry with you your drip bag coffee to use it whenever you need a boost of energy. Anything more soothing than that?

5 envelopes for five magical moments with Empire.

Origin: Columbia decaffeinated

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Swiss water

Altitudes: 1800 - 2110 MASL

Notes: Walnut, chestnuts, chocolate, and caramel finish

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