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Drip Bags Musherib Arabic coffee

Drip Bags Musherib Arabic coffee

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You can make a speedy cup of coffee thanks to this great and easy way to create your daily dose of happiness.

When it comes to our daily dose of coffee, it is boring to have exactly the same cup day after day, and it is so refreshing to change it from time to time.

Empire’s team offers you the possibility to have a cup of coffee that wakes you up with the taste of spices: try out our brand new product Drip bags Musherib Arabic coffee that contains Rwanda coffee, coffee Mate, Cardamom, and Saffron.

You can make 1L of coffee with 66 grams of this mix.

You will be able now to carry with you your drip bag of coffee to use whenever you need a boost of energy. Anything more soothing than that?

5 envelopes for five magical moments with Empire.

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